School Curriculum

Celebration Academy is a Pre-K 3 through Kindergarten program. This program is designed to provide a safe, loving environment that is intellectually stimulating and provides sound biblical teaching. We believe that Pre-K is your child’s first experience in a type of school setting and it is here that he/she will develop a positive school impression.

 Included in the curriculum are the following activities:

• Art
• Fine Motor Skills
• Food Preparation/Training
• Geography/History
• Grace and Courtesy
• Language and Development
• Life Skills
• Mathematics
• Music
• Outside Large Motor Skills
• Reading and Writing
• Science
• Journaling
• Spiritual Growth

~We believe that your child’s first experience in a school setting helps develop a positive school impression.

~Our students develop the skills needed for future school success. We provide an environment that is supportive to your family’s belief system. We consider our program to be an academic-based school.

~The classroom is structured so each child participates in a unique cycle of multi-learning. Having multiple ages in the classroom benefits younger students as they observe and model the behavior the older students. The older children reinforce their own knowledge experiences of the materials by assisting the younger ones. Your child’s learning experience will benefit by being around children of varied ages.