Celebration Academy is a Pre-K 3 through Kindergarten program. This program is designed to provide a safe, loving environment that is intellectually stimulating and provides sound biblical teaching. We believe that Pre-K is your child’s first experience in a type of school setting and it is here that he/she will develop a positive school impression.

“Our oldest son’s high level of energy and creativity made us wonder about his capacity for a traditional learning environment.  Celebration Academy provided him a place where he was challenged and loved the learning process.  Now that we have our second son at Celebration Academy, we appreciate how they approach him as a unique individual to craft his love for education.”

The Marek Family

“Celebration Academy has provided my child with a base of learning and practicing Christian principles in a structured yet fun and interactive environment. The teachers are understanding of each child’s unique needs and respond accordingly. She learns from the teachers and the other kids as well as has a strong academic foundation which puts her ahead of others her age. My child loves the relationships she has made at Celebration and as grown more confident, and as a family we feel very connected to the staff at Celebration Academy.”

“The kids and I are ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with this school!! The teachers here, Miss Tina and Miss Jean along with their assitants are amazing. If I had to trust anyone outside our family with our children it would certainly be the staff at Celebration Academy!!!”

Celebration Academy

Celebration Academy

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